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Leaking felt is common with flat roofs and failing to repair these leaks might force you to replace the entire roof if the damage to the felt gets bad enough and it starts to rot and break away. Our flat roofing experts will examine the roofing system including the seams, flashings, and attachment points. The examination is to check for damages, punctures, deterioration, ageing, leaks, or any other flat roofing services problem. We will then repair your roof or even replace it if necessary.

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DK Roofers Corby also deals with installing and repairing a metal roof. Metal roofs are usually made of aluminium or steel although zinc, copper, and titanium are also used making them easily recyclable. They are durable, very lightweight, and fire-resistant. The reason why we have metal roofing experts is that we are always looking to make your roofing last a little bit longer and also increase the building or your home’s resale value.

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It is recommended that slate roofs should only be installed by highly qualified installers who understand the material and its unique requirements when installing. While there may be many roofing services providers, very few can install a slate roof and know how to repair shingles on a roof like a true pro does . We are one of the few roofing experts with experience at installing slate shingles. This durable roofing material is environment-friendly and gives your home a gorgeous appearance. If poorly installed, the slate will not offer you the durability it should. Similarly, shingle roof repair shouldn’t be installed by an amateur or someone without decently adequate shingle experience or you’ll end up with a “half job” and things are going to go wrong in the future. That is why you need an expert with this particular material.

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Thatched roof styles are usually used in temperate and tropical climates. It is also a relatively older roofing method used extensively until the late 1800’s and the advent of tiling. Some new roofing contractors may not offer the service as a result. We, however, understand the value of a thatched roof especially for the environmentally aware. DK Roofers Corby realise that you may require a thatched roof for its functionality and our team are well equipped to install, reroof, or repair a thatched roof.

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A tiled roof is extremely waterproof, hardwearing and can also be very attractive – as it offers people a wide range of styles and colours. You will have a choice of tile materials such as plastic, concrete, slate or terracotta – all which our professional team knows how to expertly repair and install. If you have a tile roof, we can offer roofing services like restorations, repairs, cleaning, and maintenance.

A tile roof repair cost can really vary depending on the amount of tiles that are broken or damaged, of course, the more that need replacing, the more materials will be required for the job and the higher the overall cost would be as you’re getting more of a product and service.


PVC roofing systems are preferred by many because they offer them a durable material that suits almost any climate and housing style. In colder conditions, old PVC roofs can shatter and puncture. This material tends to shrink, lift at corners and cause leaks sometimes. The material is difficult to repair but not to our DK Roofers team.

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The guttering and draining system is an important part of the roofing system. If you want a professional to install or repair your guttering system, we can help you in that. We offer expert guttering repairs and also cleaning services at an affordable rate. Don’t forget about if fixing roof fascia is required – often this section of your roof is going to deteriorate via the elements and possible surrounding tree damage over the time and will also need repairing.

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The chimney is also part of the roofing system and ignoring how it relates to other parts of the roof can cost you a lot of money. We offer chimney and chimney cap installations, chimney cleaning and maintenance, waterproofing and other chimney services. Often overlooked, you’d be amazed at what fixing a damaged chimney can do for the overall aesthetics of your home – it’s worth considering a repair for sure if the damage is noticeable.

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RE-ROOFING services

Re-roofing services including replacement and repairs at affordable prices, fully insured and provided The Roofer-In group. Sometimes, you might opt to re-roof for either aesthetic functional or safety reasons. If you want to change your roof for aesthetic reasons, our team will help you install a roof that matches your preference and house style. For those looking to re-roofing for functional purposes, our roofing experts will help you install a comprehensive roofing system that meets all your needs.

Our team of roofing services experts will help you choose the right style and colour for your roof. One that complements your building style and personality. When you notice any leakages or damages on your roof, it is important to fix them as soon as you can. Hopefully you haven’t thought about this too much, but we’ve heard of roof leak repair do it yourself guides… Sure, there could be good information in some of these courses but does the safety of your property/self/family trump getting in tries and tested professional contractors? Probably not… Contact us today and we will help you fix it regardless of the materials required. And then if you really want to know how to fix a leaking roof we can at least show you how it would be done in person rather than reading a manual online!

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