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Guttering Repairs

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Guttering repairs are one thing that most homeowners do not invest well in. Nevertheless, it is vital to understand that a good guttering system prevents expensive home repairs in the future. Get it right now so you aren’t chasing loses in the near future.

Gutters drain the water from the roof and channels it away from the house. This protects the interior of the house such as the attic, as well as the building structure from being damaged by water. Clogged, broken, or leaking gutters WILL cause a lot of damage to a house over time.

When gutters are not functioning normally, excess rainwater can collect on the ground adjacent to the foundations causing cracking. If the rain is heavy, it may result in more severe problems that can be extremely expensive. The best way to ensure you don’t find yourself in that position is to keep your guttering clean and in a good state.

Easier said than done when you realise that you will need to climb a ladder to the top of your roof to access the guttering. Add the fact you will need to constantly climb down to move it along and then climb up again it may be better to call out the experts in Gutter repairs.

GUTTERING REPAIRS corby, northampton 

Based in Corby, covering Northampton, Kettering and the surrounding areas. DK Roofing is well-versed in providing affordable ways of improving guttering repairs and roofing services. Very important in today’s ever-expanding towns here in the Midlands. We have highly trained guttering and roofing experts in Corby, Northampton who will provide a prompt service to your door ensuring your roof’s drainage system is repaired and working in order.


DK Roofing Corby provide some proper real-life maintenance and preventative guttering solutions. Despite providing you experts for guttering repairs we also offer good solid advice on how to maintain, clean and to avoid excessive damage. Water corrosion is very common with gutters and is extremely quick to happen once it has set in. Couple that with the inevitable wear and tear and if not maintained properly will get pretty expensive.

To reduce these problems we advise that once a week, if possible, to check on all your gutters. You will see that there is always a gathering of dirt and leaves from trees and other plants. This accumulation gathers over time and will collect water which will stagnate causing further problems such as corrosion and decay.

We offer good advice to clients on how to effectively deal with these issues. In case the damage is beyond repair, we would always be happy to replace the whole system at an affordable price. We always ensure that any guttering or drainage pipes we use are the best quality. This ensures long life span to keep your roof and ultimately your house and belongings clean and dry.



The estimated cost of guttering repairs or replacement gutters is dependent on whether it is cast iron or plastic guttering. This can vary with labour and VAT included .

Here’s our gutter replacement cost estimator: 

Complete replacement of cast iron Gutters with parts - Approx. £65 – £70 per metre

Complete replacement of PVC gutters with parts - Approx. £30- £35 per metre

Here’s our gutter repair cost estimator: Repair of Cast Iron Guttering with parts - Approx. £55-£60 per metre Repair of PVC Guttering with parts - Approx. £30 – £35 per metre

Gutter repair cost is absolutely an approximate and it can depend on several factors including the amount of time we estimate it will take to complete the job as well as the type of material you have on your gutter. However, the guide above gives a good average indication of costs.

When considering gutter repair AND installation costs, obviously the prices are going to increase as we’ll need to purchase materials and spend more time making sure the guttering is fit to perfection so your waterworks are running smoothly.

For gutter cleaning and repair cost, this is less than repair and installation but more expensive than just repair. Not a lot more as often to make repairs we’ll be getting rid of rubbish to get to areas we need to get to. However, if there is an excess of dirt, rubbish and a real need for cleaning that takes a lot of time to get rid of, a small cost might be added to the total fee.



Sagging gutters can be repaired but it’s not always a guarantee. It’s the same situation when considering how to fix a sagging gutter corner. It might be that your guttering has already taken too much damage and will need to be replaced. Sometimes it hangs in the balance and we leave you to make the decision. It could be that we think repairing the guttering will make it last another 6 months, or you could just get local gutter installation there and then. We always offer good advice as local gutter installers so you can make the best decision for you.



If you’re based in Corby, Northampton, or Coventry then there certainly is. DK Roofers covers all these areas with our competent and willing team. If you’re thinking “Oh god, I need roof and gutter repair near me ASAP”: we would absolutely love to to help out, even if it’s just free friendly advice.



This is a bit like the sagging gutter issue. It’s hard to tell without seeing the gutter itself. However, if it’s just a small leak, there’s a decent chance we can get this done fairly quickly and it not cost you all that much and save you from a big problem arising.


Plastic and Iron Guttering replacementWe only advise using only long lasting types of metals and plastic pipes that will provide you with what is required. This means what is worthwhile installing but also economical. A tip we often give is the Internal and external greasing of pipes with a super anti-corrosive oil. This is an excellent and dependable way of ensuring that almost zero corrosion occurs.

Roofer-In ensures all of its clients are provided with not just polite tradesmen, but also a trustworthy service. We also ensure that they are is well versed with the latest information on the best prices of the best quality products. We are only happy when you are happy.

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