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DK Roofers Corby provide a cost effect and professional flat roofing replacement, repairs, and installations. All our work is performed by skilled and certified tradesmen and fully guaranteed. If you think about it, your roof is a very important structure in your building. Therefore, it is important to ensure that installation, repair or replacement of a flat roof is done properly. Flat roofing can become quite a tricky concept but with the right company working for you, it is a walk in the park.

Firstly, before you decide you need to contact a flat roof replacement or flat roof repair expert, you need to ask yourself a few questions such as:

What is the best material for a flat roof and where would I find this information?

Speak to someone in the industry!  Does your flat roof require joist replacement or just a re-cover job? What are the implications of a flat roof replacement procedure? Do I want a metal flat roof?  Maybe you’re DIY oriented and thinking how to build a flat roof garage yourself.

A question that seems to get to us most months since we even started is – how much does it cost to repair a flat roof, and of course, the answer isn’t as simple as: “It’s X amount!” This is why we like to meet you in person and walk you through our pricing and why it is what it is and the benefits you’ll gain by having us on board to help you with your property.


DK Roofers Corby specialise in various flat roof repairs in the Corby, Northanmptonshire, Leicester and Coventry areas. To ensure you have a safe and functional roof over your head, we can offer a variety of services. These include stripping and replacement of felt and underlying timber, joist replacement and flat roof waterproofing. When undertaking flat roof replacement or installation services on your building, we are keen to ensure that only the best flat roof material is used throughout the process. We provide quality and effective insulation to ensure that you keep cool during summer and warm during winter. Thus, saving you money on heating and cooling bills that always seem to creep up on you when you least expect them…

Other flat roof related services offered include;

– Re-felting.
– New roof installation of flat roofs with or without insulation.
– Installation of canopies.
– Installing and maintenance of garden shades.
– epdm flat roof
– Various and widespread range of commercial flat roof types and flat roof alternatives.


Although there are many flat roof repair service companies out there – we know you like value for money, who doesn’t? We certainly do. There are various reasons as to why our company guarantees to give you the value you need for your money and the satisfaction that comes with excellence. We guarantee all of our flat roof repair and replacement work for 15 years… This is reflected through the materials we use that also offer guarantees against their quality thus giving you more peace of mind to choose, trust and believe that Roofer-In WILL do your property proud.


We invest a lot of time and money on our roofing staff to ensure that they are fully equipped with the best possible flat and felt roof skills. Subsequently, we are confident that they will provide the best flat roofing service for all our customers. We run regular refresher courses for all our staff and provide a 100% guarantee on all work carried out by us.


In as much as we take maximum precautionary measures, accidents are something that do occur from time to time. This might be beyond anyone’s control. However, to ensure that you do not bear any liability in the event of an accident in your building or home, we have comprehensive cover policies on all of our qualified roofers to take care of that.


We maintain high levels of professionalism in everything we do regarding our roofing services. Working with us has to be a convenience for you. We ensure that we are available to obtain feedback and answers to all your queries.


Our teams delight in providing you with quality roofing services at competitive prices. All quotations are transparent and there are no hidden flat roof charges whatsoever.

As a result, offer accurate expert information to our customers regardless whether they will take our services as we would like to continue building our reputation as trustworthy tradesman within the East Midlands. We’re confident good word still spreads and want to help as many people that perhaps don’t have the roofing and flat roofing knowledge that we’ve acquired from over the years of being up on the roofs and seeing it all first hand. Furthermore – our service at Roofer-In Group is a commitment to services that will ensure you get the quality you can trust, whether that be a large epdm rubber roofing replacement, a tiny flat roof repair or just good old advice. Consequently, for all your roofing needs, look no further.

Contact us today at The Roofer-In group to get your quote or to speak to our experts who are always ready and available to help you with whatever problems you might be facing,

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